Varsha Shraddha (वर्ष श्राद्ध)

Varsha Shraddha (First year of Death ritual)

Varsha Shraddha

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What is Varsha Shraddha?

Varsh Shradha is a Hindu ritual performed on the occasion of the first death anniversary of a person. This ritual is done on the day exactly after one year (also called as Tithi or Tidi) when the person passed away.

Shraddha is performed to provide food for the Pitrus, whose one day is actually a period of one year on the earth. By offering food to them, we are receiving their Asheervadas (blessings)

During this ritual, the Devatas (VASU, RUDRA, AND ADITYA) are invoked and Pitrus are reached through them. Pitruruna ceremony and rituals carried by surviving son or sons on the ‘Shraddha Thithi’ is known as Varshika Shraddha.

Following are the procedures involved in Varsha Shraddha :

  • Brahman Poojan
  • Brahman Bhojan
  • Pind-Daan
  • Tarpan

Significance of Varsha Shraddha:

  • By performing this ceremony, one receives the Pitrus blessing to help them achieve their dreams without any obstacles
  • The intensity of any Pithru-doshas is also reduced
  • The deceased person gains momentum in their further journey smoothly

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