Guruji for Satyadatta Vrat Pooja in Mumbai

Satyadatta Vrat Pooja

Satyadatta Vrat pooja

What is Significance of Satyadatta Pooja?

It is believed that worshipping Lord Satyadatta or Lord Dattatray in the form of Satyadatta vrat marks the overcoming of any kind of hurdles and forgive our all sins in lives. This Vrat helps a Human to Fulfil all his wishes. This Vrat gives human a all types of Siddhis very quickly (Enlightenments)

Benefits of Satyadatta Vrat Pooja:

One can get cured from following disease:

    • Typhus
    • Eye Disease
    • Leprosy
    • Amoebic Dysentery
    • Bacillary Dysentery
    • Tuberculosis disease
    • Typhoid
    • gout disorde
    • biliary disorders

Contact Bendre Guruji for Satyadatta Vrat Pooja to be performed in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and nearby cities to get Maximum benefits.

We also perform Satyanarayan Pooja, Satyavinayak Pooja, Vaastu Shanti, Udaka Shanti, Navgrah Shanti, Sarva Janan Shanti (Nakshatra Shanti), etc

Our Promise

  • We are Experienced and most senior Guruji (Pujari)
  • We follow Vedic Standards and Procedures in performing Satyadatta Vrat Pooja and other rituals
  • High-quality Sahitya (Pooja Essentials) to ensure a pleasant Puja experience
  • Professional Guidance & Support at each step of pooja
  • Pooja and Ritual pathan with proper understanding given
  • 20+ Years of Experience in this field


No need to bought any Pooja Essentials. We will provide High Quality Pooja Essentials (Sahitya) for Pooja from our side.

Yes. If pooja is to be performed in the evening then Fast is to be observed.

No, we do not charge anything for Conveyance. 

Nothing specific. Any colour except black colour clothes.

No, person of irrespective of Age, Gender, caste can perform Satyanarayana Pooja.

Any auspicious day Satyadatta Vrat Pooja can be performed.

A wheat pudding also called as ‘Shira’ to be made for offering to Satyanarayana vrat pooja.

If wheat semolina is not available then, Rice semolina to be choose for (Naivedya) to God Satyanarayana.

For Wheat Pudding each ingredient like Homemade Butter, Semolina, Milk and Sugar is to be measured and taken approximately 1.25 kg/1.25 ltr.

Also, Full Thali (Lunch) to be prepared for offering.

Approximately 2-3 hours required to perform Satyanarayana Pooja in Traditional way of Hindu Ritual.