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Udaka Shanti

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What is the Significance of Udak Shanti?

Udaka Shanti is performed for peace and harmony in the house or Office Place and the general well-being of the Family.

It can also be performed after childbirth and for Shanti in the home.

The holy effect of Udak Shanti is generally ONLY for 1 Year. Therefore, people who want to protect their house or Property to be protected, they perform Udak Shanti every year.

The main purpose of Udak Shant is to protect the house and the family performing this ritual and all its members from evil spirits and Negative energy.

It is a ritual through which water gets purified and becomes holy through the chanting of Vedic Mantras and the invitation of the God of ‘Brahma’, ‘Brahma-Devata’.

This holy water after Udak Shanti has to be consumed and showered on the entire house or property daily till it gets finished. 

Benefits of Udak Shant:

  • It balances our Kapha-Vata-Pitta
  • It keeps away negative energies, and Black Magic effects (Bhut, Pret, Pishaccha, etc) from entering your property
  • It is done for correcting unfavorable effects of Grah-dosha, Nava-Graha, Bhoot-badha (Evil Spirits), Graha-pida, etc.
  • Performing Udak Shant helps to purify the surroundings and atmosphere of the house and other areas
  • It is done before Marriage, Upanayana, Hawan (Yadnya), or on any auspicious occasion.
  • Udaka Shant is also done for Wealth, to resolve physical and mental (Psychological) issues and problems
  • Performing Udak Shanti helps to being Harmony and Fortune to the house
  • Udak Shant helps to overcome barriers and hurdles in one’s life

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Our Promise

  • We are Experienced and most senior Guruji (Pujari)
  • We follow Vedic Standards and Procedures in performing Udak Shanti and other rituals
  • High-quality Sahitya (Pooja Essentials) to ensure a pleasant Puja experience
  • Professional Guidance & Support at each step of Udak Shanti
  • Pooja and Ritual pathan with proper understanding given
  • 20+ Years of Experience in this field


No need to bought any Pooja Essentials. We will provide High Quality Pooja Essentials (Sahitya) for Pooja from our side.

No, we do not charge anything for Conveyance. 

Nothing specific. Any colour except black colour clothes.

Approximately 2-2.5 hours required to perform Udaka Shanti Pooja in Traditional way of Hindu Ritual.

Generally people who wants protect their House or Office or any property, they perform Udak Shanti every year. Udak Shanti’ holy effect remain only for One year.

Therefore, it is advisable if you want to protect your House, Office or Property, perform it every year.