Mahalaya (Paksha) (पितृ पक्ष)

Mahalaya or (Pitru Paksha)

Pitru Paksha

What is Mahalaya (Paksha) or (Pitru Paksha)?

Mahalaya (Paksha) is only done when Sun transits to Virgo-Libra as per the Hindu calendar in which pind daan is offered to the deceased by their family member. At the time of Pitru Paksha, generally, 3 generations are offered food and water so that they can get peace.

Pitru Paksha marks the start of the waning phase of the lunar cycle. During this period, various rituals are carried out to pay respects to the dead persons. As mentioned earlier, it is believed that those who don’t find peace in death, their soul wanders around the Earth to check on their family members. To ensure that they attain peace (salvation, getting free from the cycle of life and death), people perform pind daan (offering food to the soul).

The following are the procedures involved in Pitru Paksha Or Mahalaya:

  • Brahman Poojan (Worshipping Brahmin)
  • Brahman Bhojan

  • Pind-Daan

  • Tarpan

Significance of Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya (Paksha):

  • The intensity of any Pithru-doshas is also reduced
  • It will be beneficial for couples who are childless and if they wish to conceive a child
  • The deceased person gains momentum in their further journey smoothly
  • One can get financial stability & peace of mind

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As per our view, No, not at all irrespective of caste, religion, any one who wishes to pay gratitude and wants to offer their ancestors food, water, they can perform Pitru Paksha