Satyavinayak Pooja

Satyavinayak Pooja

Satyavinayak pooja

What is Satyavinayak Pooja?

Satyavinayak Pooja is performed for achieving peace and prosperity in life, (health including mental health) and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Since Shri Ganesh is the Vighnaharta, meaning, vanquisher of obstacles, it is customary to worship him before commencing any auspicious task. There is a specific science in the worship of every Deity. In other words, there is a science in performing every ritual in a specific manner in the worship of each Deity.

Benefits of Satyavinayak Pooja:

  • This pooja is performed to improve overall Mental and Physical Health condition
  • To Fulfil all your Good wishes
  • To Succeed in any kind of assignment, exam, in life
  • To have a prosperous and growth in Business, Job, Education
  • To payoff the Vows if any kept in mind
  • To Celebrate victory in Exam, sports, birth any growth in life
  • The puja is performed to overcome poverty.

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Our Promise

  • Experienced Guruji (Pujari)
  • We follow Vedic Standards and Procedures in all rituals and Satyavinayak pooja
  • High-quality Sahitya (Pooja Essentials) to ensure a pleasant Puja experience
  • Professional Guidance & Support at each step of pooja
  • Pooja and Ritual pathan with proper understanding given


No need to bought any Pooja essential from your side. We will bring all Pooja essentials needed for Pooja.

No, we do not charge you anything to visit your place.

Approximately 2-3 hours are required to perform Satyavinayak pooja according to Traditional method and to achieve maximum benefits

Wheat Pudding (wheat semolina Shira is to be prepared)