Marriage Ceremony Pandit in Mumbai

Marriage Ceremony (Lagna, Vivah)

Hindu Vivah (Maharashtrian Marriage)
Guruji for Marathi Marriage Ceremony

If you are looking for Guruji for Hindu Mariage Ceremony – in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane or nearby cities, you are at the right place. 

Contact Bendre for Marriage Ceremony, Thread Ceremony to be performed as per Vedic Tradition and ritual to achieve maximum Benefits.

What is the Procedure for Hindu Marriage Ceremony?

  • Madhupark
  • Gruha-Pravesh Home
  • Perani Pujan (Vansha pag)
  • Kanyadana

  • Vivaha Homam (sacred fire ritual):

  • Pani Grahanam (acceptance of the hand)

  • Pratijna Karana (solemn vows)

  • Lajja Homa (puffed-rice offerings)

  • Agniparinayana, Parikrama, Pradakshina

  • Saptapadi (seven steps):
    • May the first step lead to food that is both nourishing and pure.
    • May the second step lead to strength (at the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels).
    • May the third step lead to prosperity.
    • May the fourth step lead to all-round happiness.
    • May the fifth step lead to progeny (noble and virtuous children).
    • May the sixth step lead to long life.
    • May the seventh step lead to bondage (through harmony)
  • Abhishekam (sprinkling of water)
  • Surya Darshanam
  • Hrudaya sparsham (touching the heart)
  • Dhruva Dhyaanam
  • Anna Praashanam (partaking of food)
  • Aashirvadah (blessing)

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Our Promise

  • We are Experienced and most senior Guruji (Pujari)
  • We follow Vedic Standards and Procedures in performing Marriage Ceremony and other rituals
  • Professional Guidance & Support at each step of Marriage Ceremony in Regional Language
  • Marriage Ceremony Traditional Rituals with proper understanding given
  • 20+ Years of Experience in this field


No, we do not charge anything for Conveyance. 

Generally it requires 4 hours to complete all procedures as per Vedic standards to get maximum benefits.